Thursday, October 14, 2004

profound poetry

a rat, a bat & a cat
sat on a mat
who thought
that such diverse creatures
hang out together...
like that...
sometimes they converge
a hat or a bat (baseball)
just like that...
true to the end
sometimes in the toilet's u-bend
the end was nigh unknown to the trio
as they sat, one night on the patio
listening to music from the jerry macguire remix jhankar...
they were bitten on the mat
by a gnat
three bites...
and they succumbed to the deadly toxins
in the smaller creature's saliva...
nice cool saliva
oozing from the sharp fangs;
it goes to show
there is
more than one way
to break a friendship...

1 comment:

Zeeshan said...

why has no one ever commented on this classic? Ah, Thou shall be recognized only after your death or if you were to win a lottery or grow horns maybe. I say re-publish it on your blog and see if time is ripe for poetic renaissance