Friday, April 15, 2005



Been stumbling in Firefox..

Firefox works for me 'cause:

. it has pretty good adblocking capability... download and install the adblock extension (firefoxy for plug-in... damn all these abstractions) and right-click and block all the crap from the web.... imagine ad-clean browsing howstuffworks, fileplanet and even hotmail

Also check out the ad-parser/remover file for firefox, dunno if there is something similar for IE... looks and removes all urls which *may* be ads like /ad/ etc.

. I can do a right-click & open in tab in background - makes browsing so much easier

It *does not* work for me 'cause...

. Memory intensive... open a window with 2 tabs after a couple of hours and it takes soooo long to respond

. Tabbed browsing does not work with alt-tab, it takes you to the next tab in order, whereas it should take you to the previous tab, like in windows

. Cannot move the toolbar buttons as easily as in IE, gotta go into "edit toolbar buttons" mode and *then* move the buttons around... cannot resize toolbar as in IE e.g. one row of toolbar on my IE has 3 toolbars are compressed together...

. Seems bulky... IE is much cleaner and lighter.. or mebbe I can make it that....

In conclusion I *really* think IE can get more downloads if it implements tabbed browsing and an adblocker atleast as good as the one for FireFox


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