Monday, June 27, 2005

rock tha party (& how to record audio streams in xp)

"rock tha party" is a really cool new song by a danish/indian group called bombay rockers...

homepage at

i could not find an mp3 so i recorded the stream on my pc...

this is a how i recorded the media stream into mp3 format:

1. Do volume control->options->properties->recording->click OK. Select "Wave Out Mix"

2. Start Start->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound Recorder & Start Recording - (before you do that, you need to work around the SR 60 second limit, here is a tip how to do that - link (is there a better way to do this? maybe change a reg value)

3. Play stream. It's recorded by Sound Recorder as a wav file. (You can cut out start and end silence, increase/decrease volume inside of SR)

3.5 Save this to disk as wav file for later conversion by winamp or set option to "mpeg3" in the "save as" dialog box and save as mp3 here

4. Right click Winamp bar -> options -> preferences -> output -> disk writer -> click configure button -> convert to format -> mpeg 3

5. Click play (make sure cycle/repeat is off)

TIP: keep the "Wave Out Mix" volume low, keeping it high introduced noise for me..

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Usman said...

To record streaming audio, try the 'Hi-Q Recorder'