Tuesday, July 05, 2005

more googleMapping

I've been experimenting with Google Maps and it turns out that you can go to a location directly by giving a lat/long... could not decipher the url googleMaps generates when you click "link to this page", (solved it later) so tried it out in the edit box itself and it turns out you can specify lat/long in this form:

115 44 00 W 37 38 30 N -or- 45.9820 N 63.5560 E -or- 45.9820 , 63.5560

...don't need to give the tuntuna for degree, and hypehns etc, spaces will do.. you *do* need to specify W/E & N/S though...

so I googled for an Area 51 location (what ARE all those green thingies?) and the Baikonur Comsodrome, Kazakhastan and the Nazca Lines in Peru using lat/long values

since a google map search for these phrases would turn up nothing, my approach was to web search for: MY_PLACE latitude longitude - and someone had always had it listed somewhere, and then map search for that lat/long

- More Area-51 lat/longs here

While googling for this post, I came across this page... are they just bombing targets or is there something more sinister here?....

More sinister Area-51 GoogleMap images here... God bless google & gis, sniff sniff

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