Thursday, July 14, 2005

wanna be a manager?

a lot of people i meet in real life dream of the day they are promoted from coder to manager (i live in pakistan... great talent here but 50 years of a beuracracy led country has many kids dreaming of becoming a "babu", or "suit-wearing, platitude-speaking, looking-busing-doing-nothing kind of no-gooder" )

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i had the misfortune of working for a manager long time back who was the real-life version of dilbert's PHB, so i know what dilbert feels like.... i was also "manager" (coder/team lead/product manager/program manager) for a while so i know also why it's such a droll job, specially when you hate writing code higher-level than the windows API and you have to manage a web-based (JSP, Oracle, Javascript) web application !!! EEyucch!!!

Being a coder rocks because, as many of our taxi cabs say on their bumpers, "no tension"... design, code, unit test.... that's it, gimme coding any time of the day

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