Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Found this tutorial on Ajax through del.icio.us, the tagged bookmarks website


(my del.icio.us page is here)

The tutorials starts from the basics and builds it up - have'nt gone through it completely but seems to be one of the best tutorials on the subject yet

Ajax is an acronym given to a collection of existing technologiesan which are intended to improved the user's web surfing experience by reducing the time taken between a click-button -> page submit -> page refresh with new data - Ajax reloads the data in a table or an image in a div etc. without an annoying page refresh

Ggl uses Ajax extensively including in maps, personalized home and gmail

Some other very good examples of Ajax usage are protoPage and start.com, supposedly the MSN portal for people with a normal aesthetic sense


Aline said...

Oi, adorei seu blog, sou daqui do Brasil, desculpe escrever em português, mas meu inglês é péssimo!!!
Até mais...

sami said...

o camarada brazilian do thanx, se você tiver uma identificação do blogger do seus próprios, menciona-a por favor quando você escreve a comentários a vez seguinte

Aline said...

Helo!hey there... just stopping by to leave my blog adress... http://spaces.msn.com/members/enfbrazil/
it 'd be a pleasure having you around
visit me any other time ok?!
take care
Bye!! Aline