Saturday, November 05, 2005

dapnhe & apollo

Adel Adili is an Iranian artist who was one of the winners of the Master & Servant Challenge at cgTalk, held earlier this year - this leading CGI forum hosts a now annual heavily sponsored contest based on a phrase and people create imagery using 2D and 3D software - it's essentially a contest for the emerging and the relatively well established artists to showcase their work to the world

© adel adili

Click here to read and see how the image was created - if you have ever wondered how they create those beautiful masterpieces, this is it

Adel's entry was based on the mythological story of Apollo, the Greek god, chasing Daphne, a nymph, who prayed to be changed to a tree in order to save her modesty (! - sounds like an Eastern story :)

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Usman said...

I am honored to have made it in your 'link-list', Padre!