Wednesday, January 04, 2006

downloading google videos

found a way to download google videos - thanks to an alumnus of mine

1. select a google video from -

2. from the menu, select view->source and find /googleplayer.swf?videoUrl= and copy text between videoUrl=" and ">

3. Save this text on your machine with the extension .html (e.g. paste in notepad and save file as "converter.html" - with the quotes)
    <html><input type="input" size="70" id="converter" title="convert"><input type="button" size="70" id="btn" title="convert" onclick="func()"><script language="javascript">function func(){converter.value=unescape(converter.value)}</script></html>
4. Paste the text copied above in the edit box and click convert - copy the text again (which will now contain a correct url and paste it in the location bar - save the file to disk when it prompts)

5. Add .flv to the end of filename and play it using flvplayer

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Usman said...

good to see you back in action and among the living. Upload some interesting pictures if you took any during your stay.