Tuesday, February 07, 2006

al-jazeera in english

Coming "late spring" is Al-Jazeera International, an English language channel of the famous Arabic news channel

It's already sending ripples through the so-called mainstream media, which is largely corporate and special-interest owned/influenced and provides a very one sided view of world happenings with a few off-the-script interviews and comments thrown in just to show they have a "balanced" approach towards news

Our cable service provider does not show the channel, saying it has been "instructed" by higher authorities - I wonder if the scene is the same elsewhere in the country

The channel is based in Kuaula Lumpur, Malaysia and has signed up a star cast of news commentators including the veteran Jewish, American anchor David Marash, Josh Rushing, a former US Marine who conducted journalist briefings at CENTCOM HQ in Qatar during the attack on Iraq, David Frost (the "Breakfast with " guy) and Veronica Pedrosa & Riz Khan from CNN. The channel is headed by a 33-year veteran of British journalism, David Foster

An interesting news item about the new channel can be read here

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