Thursday, February 09, 2006

john carmack on mobile games

John Carmack is the head of id software, the people who created Wolf3D, Quake, Doom and of course Commander Keen

I was very happy to find out he writes a blog, but it turns out he has only 2 entries... well, so much for the good news

His writings about mobile gaming is very interesting - keep in mind he is the guy who almost single-handidly invented 3D gaming and the market for high-end graphics cards

Click the picture to see a photostream of Carmack's team preparing an attempt at the Ansari X Prize, which was a competition to see which private venture first made it into space (his team could not finish their spaceship in time)

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Usman said...

Did you just vomit on your blog? I come back after 1 day and there are four new entries! Looks like a case of the loose blog-bowels to me Padre! Easy on the free late night food the company must be providing you! :)