Monday, March 06, 2006

no blogs in PK

* was blocked in Pakistan immediately before and during Bush's visit to Pakistan on 4-5 March.

What the n00bs who executed the dumb ban did not know was that you still publish and update your blog since is used to write/edit your blog and is used to view it, so you could still rant/rave/abuse all you wanted to, only you could not see it with your own eyes

News reports have stated that the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the block because a couple of blogs on were hosting the blasphemous caricatures.

"Attorney General for Pakistan, Makhdoom Ali Khan was directed by the apex court to consult technical experts for internet laws as to how the order of the court may be implemented and come up on the next date of hearing."

I am pretty sure the "technical experts" were doofuses with post-grad degrees in some coversion MIT (Masters in IT) degree from some alleyway in downtown Cyprus. Here in Pakistan, a "foreign kee degree" with zilch knowledge is worth much more than a local degree with good IT/CS know-how, specially for a "gore-mant" job

The ban has been lifted, now that Bush has left. This leaves a big question mark as to the real reason of the ban. Maybe in their super-conspiratorial frame of mind, the government imagined that a "fundo" would get his motivation for an attack from unbelievable!!

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