Wednesday, March 08, 2006

what is a remix

It's pretty difficult to explain the difference between a good remix and a lame attempt to make a song that sounds similar to the original.

Lame remix attempt:
Jal's original Lamhey and Atif's Bheegi Yadein
True Remix:
Jal's original Aadat and Jal's Bikhra Hoon Main
(a free subscription at sangeetradio is required to download the wma files)

Jal became super-famous for their song "Aadat" in Pakistan in 2002. The lead singer of the band, Atif Aslam, went solo after a highly publicised breakup with half the fans siding with Atif and the other half supporting the writer of the song "Aadat", Goher Mumtaz. Trust a Pakistani not to look at the bigger picture and break off to do their own thing as soon a couple of bucks start pouring in

Atif ripped off quite a few songs and decided to release them as his own, receiving a lot of flak as a result. Most of his songs were badly composed and only his strong, though poorly executed vocals supported the songs

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