Tuesday, December 06, 2005

new hotmail

hotmail, following the footsteps of gmail are using ajax to run their service

I received an email telling me that being a "VIP" hotmail member, I am invited to use their service - dunno what made me a VIP - maybe they are aware that we have many status-conscious people in Pakistan - yes, I am in Pakistan, only I set my location to USA to try one of those tricks for increasing mailbox storage

The service is nice and slick with an outlook like interface drag/drop for moving messages to folders and right-click context menus

In a clear "inspiration" from gmail, they have added auto-complete in the mailto address bar, their news about this feature is well worth a read:

"Start typing a name and—pow!—up pops a list of possible recipients from your contact list. Click on the one you want and you're done."

It's the "pow!" that converted me.... (sarcasm)


Zeeshan said...

does it still take forever(in comparison to yahoo and gmail) to load like the old hotmail?

Zeeshan said...

in latest news:

Abdul Qadir said...

yeah this interface is better but when I signed up for that in beta, ther were many problems in javascript.

Anonymous said...

It would be unfair to say that MS got inspiration from gmail for the auto-complete feature. It could very well be the other waya round.

Long before the term Ajax became popular, MS used XMLHTTP and JavaScript technologies to create an Outlook like web based interface for Exchange 2000 which was called Outlook Web Access(OWA). A history of OWA can be read at http://blogs.technet.com/exchange/archive/2005/06/21/406646.aspx

OWA offers auto-complete as one of many rich features which used to be only part of desktop applications. The latest hotmail offering (branded as Live mail) is essentially a reduced OWA made available publicly for free.