Monday, December 05, 2005

tv shows from too long ago

I remember very vaguely a few TV shows from the early 80's when I was in pre-school

Back in those days, there was only one channel, PTV, which showed (as far I remember) just one English TV show per week - since there was (and still is) a strict censorship policy in place, the shows hacked in places to make them kid-friendly

I was reminiscing with friends about them and was amazed to find they remembered almost all of them

If you grew up in Pakistan in the 80's, you might remember them too, being primary TV viewing for kids, in addition to Nazia, Zoheb songs

These are listed in the order I remember them being played on PTV, I am sorry I cannot find better links to the shows

1. Chips
2. The Man from Atlantis
3. Tales of the Golden Monkey
4. Voyagers
5. The Powers of Matthew Star
6. The Fall Guy
7. Airwolf
8. Knight Rider


Raza said...

- A Little House On the Prairie!! :-)
- Shogun

Zeeshan said...

anyone remember Anne of Green Gable?