Tuesday, January 24, 2006

indian blogger in lahore

An Indian blogger managed to do what I could not, living in Pakistan - photographing Lahore - he visited the historic city as part of a TV news team and wrote about meeting the drum beating dervishes and cringing at the sight of stripped chickens

It's funny at times - if you are Lahore fan or just someone who would like to know how an Indian sees Pakistan, do read it... the article and pics on Cooco's cafe are particularly nice

Every Thursday afternoon, qawwali singers from around Pakistan gather at the shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh Hajveri to perform. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has performed here, and it is said to be quite an experience...... The dynamics within each group were fascinating: if one guy had energy and fire in his singing, another had a soothing voice – they would harmonise, play off each other, and move into impassioned choruses.

It's a wonder that the men in Pakistan are so big and the autos[rickshaws] are so small," remarked my friend and colleague Dileep Premachandran as we walked the streets of Lahore.

The roads are conducive to this speed. Everywhere in Lahore we have seen wide, smooth roads -- with no garbage anywhere to be seen, unless we are in a self-deprecatory mood. Last night, when we got in, we were stunned by the lights of Lahore

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Usman said...

Good posting, thanks for the link. I ended up reading all of his blog postings that described his experience of Lahore.