Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I have been playing around with HyperScore for a few days, spending a few minutes each time, trying to make sense out of it

The application is driven out of a PhD project of an MIT Media Lab student. It's purpose is to help kids (and musically ignorant adults) to create music in an intuitive manner. Download it here

It lets you create MIDI files which can be emailed to mobile devices (in the US) for a small fee - you cannot make an MP3 out of it, that might be available in the paid version - however, if you are using WinXP, there is hack to do it - I wrote about it in a previous post

Hyperscore lets a user write music by painting squiggly (or straight) lines to denote music thingies like motifs & harmony - while painting in the Melody window tool (see the tut for details), you can select a variety of instruments from drums to flute to electric guitar

It's pretty confusing if, like me, you don't know a motif from a score - but this tutorial helps you make sense of it

The Hyperscore forums www.h-lounge.com lists users' tones - it also has a web-based player so you can sample the sounds without downloading the composition files

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