Wednesday, August 09, 2006

khi on pot

This poster is installed somewhere in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city. The poster shows a finger-pointing Amitabh in front of the national flag. And this is a really weird thing to print, put on a poster and install since Bachan is an Indian actor and the two countries are bitter and sworn enemies having fought many small and a couple of large wars. India still things the partition of British India into two countries was unjustifed and considers Pakistan as part of "Akhand (United) India"

To make the crazy matter even crazier, Bachan is pointing towards the people in the style of the US's Uncle Sam calling, "Your country needs you" - or maybe he is just saying something else like "I need your movie tickets" or "I want my Akhand Bharat" or .....

[Update: A friend informed me that this is a "Calling Card" company's billboard advert, but still....]

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