Thursday, August 03, 2006

zidane song

To most people, the most memorable moment from the Football World Cup of 06 was Zidane's beautiful :) headbutt - even the Italians may remember it longer than their Cup win

A day after the loss, a couple of French jingle recording artists made their own Carribean inspired song titled "Coup de Boule" or "the headbutt", recored in just half an hour and emailed to friends. A few hours later, it was a national hit and the producers received an offer from Warner Bros. for commercial rights to the song

The song goes something like:

The guido, he was hurt
Zidane hit [him]
The Italian's not doing well
Zidane slapped [him]
Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped [him] (Headbutt!) 4x

Links to offical site (in french) and full translation here (unofficial)


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